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Our Delivery Menu based on our Top 9 most popular boxes makes ordering quick and easy. A small charge for delivery may apply depending upon the size of your order and where you are.


Collect the following information from each person:

  1. Names (Your boxes will be individually named)

  2. Small, Regular or Large Box

  3. Which of our Top 9 most popular boxes they would like to order

  4. Their favourite chutney combination

  5. Any extras

  6. Total cost per person

Minimum £12.00 order required for delivery.


FREE DELIVERY on orders £20.00 or above within a 1 mile radius.


Please provide a NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS including POSTCODE.


OFFICES, FLATS and HALLS must collect food from the main entrance of their buildings.


If you have 10 or more orders please e mail your list to You must call your local branch to confirm they've received your e mail.


Please allow up to 1 hour for your food to be delivered. Larger orders should provide 2 hours notice.




0 - 1 Mile... £2.00

3 - 4 Miles.. £4.00

1 - 2 Miles.. £2.50

4 - 5 Miles.. £5.00

2 - 3 Miles.. £3.00