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About Us


The Bombay Bites Story...


My father Abdul Wahid has been in the Indian restaurant trade for almost 50 years. He was a partner in the legendary Kohinoor restaurant by the Leicester railway station, a regular fixture for curry lovers of the 1960’s and 70’s. It was the hard work, long hours and sacrifice of those early pioneers that helped introduce and establish this nation’s love affair with Indian food.


In 1988 my father together with my oldest brother Kibria opened The Grand Durbar Restaurant, one of the city’s best-loved and longest-surviving restaurants. An award winning family run business with an enviable reputation; it was here from the age of 14 that I first began working in the food industry. Too young to work on the floor I spent almost 5 years in the kitchen. Washing, peeling, chopping and packing I learned the value of hard work, the importance of quality and professionalism and the strength in team work. When I finally looked old enough to work on the floor, I saw another side of the business. I learned from my brother the importance that great service, sincere service played in true customer satisfaction.


With the support and guidance of my family and close friends I began working on a new concept. The Bombay Bites idea had been simmering for 3 or 4 years but it wasn’t until we secured the Belvoir Street Leicester location that it all came together.


Serving Indian food in a fast food style was a serious challenge. Would Indian food be acceptable as an alternative lunch to the more traditional offerings? Would it be profitable? Which dishes would work? Would people enjoy the food and come back for more? What kind of packaging would be suitable? So many questions needed to be answered. Even today we are still looking at ways to improve our products, our service and our brand.


In September 2010 Bombay Bites Evington was opened. Bigger, better and with seating for up to 40 people the concept has continued to evolve with milkshakes, new specialities like the Bombay Sizzler and of course our ever popular indian tea. In 2012 Braunstone Gate opened it's doors serving the local community and DMU students. The journey continues and we hope this is the next step in establishing Bombay Bites as a new player in the fast food industry.


It is with great pride that we see people walking through the city happily tucking into a Bombay Box. An alternative fast food that is deliciously different, nutritionally sound, freshly made and yet completely affordable. Why settle for a sandwich and crisps, WHEN HUNGER STRIKES . . . BOMBAY BITES!



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